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Press release

Norway to build world’s tallest timber building

“Mjøstårnet” will be more than 80 metres tall and stand 30 metres higher than what is today considered the world’s tallest timber building.

Date: 05.12.2017

Taking the Paris agreement seriously

“Greenhouse gas emissions and rising temperatures are serious. Each and every one of us needs to become aware of what we do, what we consume and how we live,” says builder Arthur Buchardt.

Date: 04.12.2017

Mjøstårnet is the world’s tallest

Why will “Mjøstårnet” be the world’s tallest timber building? Here’s the answer!

Date: 04.12.2017

What is a timber building?

That is what Rune Abrahamsen of Moelven Limtre AS and nine other experts will define this Sunday in Sydney at an international workshop on tall timber buildings. 

Date: 25.10.17

They are constructing the world's tallest timber building

Arthur and Anders Buchardt of AB Invest AS and contractor HENT AS have entered into a turnkey contract to build Mjøstårnet in Brumunddal. This will be the world's tallest timber building.

Date: 08.02.2017