Our brand platform - Moelven
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Our brand platform

Moelven’s brand platform is the company’s most important management tool. The platform shall be the basis for future decision-making and all internal and external communications. It shall reinforce the company’s standing and value-adding capacity.


The natural choice for people building and living Scandinavian style


Supplying quality rooms.



Moelven respects people and the environment. The company’s business is based on renewable resources. Sustainability and long-term planning have become the company’s competitive advantages. Environmental responsibilities are a priority area. 


Moelven is a reliable business partner. We deliver quality goods at the agreed upon time. A strong focus is put on openness and honesty - being able to admit mistakes and shortcomings is a solid basis for positive change and credibility. 

Seek opportunities

Moelven seeks solutions. The Group has the skills and resources to be the industrial leader when it comes to product development and innovation. Moelven has always been a company that has stayed at the cutting edge of technological developments and takes advantage of the opportunities offered by changing times and trends.