Timber - Moelven
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The sawmills in Moelven are organized in two divisions, Moelven Timber and Moelven Wood, the latter mainly producing further processed goods for the Scandinavian markets.
On this site we present all sawmills in Moelven, and in addition we present the further processing units in Moelven Timber, primarily producing for the export markets. Timber and Wood are using the same export/ distribution channels.

“Timber's strengths are that we have a decentralized structure, local ownership of added value and earnings, good knowledge of our raw material and a broad marketing platform we exploit through our local marketing operations,” says Division Manager Ole Helge Aalstad of Timber. Click to view video

Moelven Timber organize 12 sawmills, one planing mill and 2 component producers plus a trading company in sawmilling equipment. Moelven Wood organize 6 sawmills and several further processing plants mainly producing for the Scandinavian markets; total production in these mills exceeding 500.000 m3.

The combined log consumption in Moelven is approx. 3.9 million m3, equivalent to approx. 1.9 mill m3 sawn goods.

Moelven`s mills are, with a few exceptions, located in the middle of Sweden and in the south-east of Norway, the fiber being of slow grown and of strong quality.